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Staff Assisted

The service requires ITS or DLINQ assistance to set up the service or a space in the service for users.

Data at Middlebury (D@M, /ˈdā-təm/)

Storage, archiving, preservation, discovery, access, and sharing of research data.  Provision often aligned with external funding policy compliance.  Provision may be subject to access embargo or restriction.  Part of Middlebury Digital Collections (MDC, Repository).


Flipgrid is an social video, audio, and text discussion tool that allows instructors and students to interact with one another in ways that may heighten social presence particularly in classes that are exploring blended, hybrid, and online modalities.

Privacy Level

Evaluation Stage

L-Soft ListPlex LISTSERV (e-mail mailing lists)

Provision of e-mail mailing lists for announcement and discussion.  Serves both the Middlebury community and broader collaborations with external institutions.  Connects Middlebury experts with local community and also other professional experts beyond Middlebury.  Supports administrative uses, curricular/pedagogical uses, research/scholarship uses, outreach/engagement uses, and the broader academic role of Middlebury.

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