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L-Soft ListPlex LISTSERV (e-mail mailing lists)

Provision of e-mail mailing lists for announcement and discussion.  Serves both the Middlebury community and broader collaborations with external institutions.  Connects Middlebury experts with local community and also other professional experts beyond Middlebury.  Supports administrative uses, curricular/pedagogical uses, research/scholarship uses, outreach/engagement uses, and the broader academic role of Middlebury.


MediaWiki, the software behind Wikipedia, allows users to collaboratively edit web content. Each page has a full history of changes available. Wiki pages do not have a hierarchical arrangement but can be categorized and linked together, allowing large amounts of content to be created without requiring an up-front organization structure.

Middlebury-hosted wikis can be open to the public, visible to the public but only editable by selected users/groups, or restricted to only be viewable/editable by selected users/groups,


Memsource Cloud is a complete translation platform that includes translation memory, integrated machine and human translation, terminology management, and a web-based as well as a desktop translator’s editor.