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"Accessibility" is used here mainly to denote applications to support user needs.

Asset Management

Manages, but not necessarily creates or stores, assets. Especially in regards to media files and platform independent content.

Content Distribution

Primarily used to as a medium to disseminate, or discovery & access point, for some type of content. Does not matter if the content is created/stored/managed locally or not.

Content Production

Has a primary function of content or media creation, broadly defined. Most productivity software, editors, CMS platforms, visualization tools, etc. fall under this category.

ITS Internal Services

Non-user-facing services that support the operations.

Project Management & Productivity

Provides a solution for managing the "human" side of projects, whether personal or collaborative: scheduling; productivity; project, research & workflow management; etc.


Stores files/data of one or more types.

System Integrations

Facilitates the use or administration of other technological resources/applications.

Technical Services for Developers

Technical Services for Developers are the infrastructure services not commonly requested by the end user community, but by those setting up new services, managing a current service and its capacity, or assisting a faculty member of installing a custom developed solution.